Specializing In Large Scale, Multi-family Projects
Specializing In Large Scale, Multi-family Projects

Multi-Family, Commercial & Residential Electrician
Dallas-Fort Worth & Houston

We are a full-service Electrical Contracting company proudly serving our valued Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Corpus Christi and other surrounding area customers since 2009. We take pride in each and every project, no matter the size. With over 100 years of combined staff experience, we are capable of tackling any of your electrical needs!

Commercial Electrical Service

Commercial Electrical Service

Any commercial electrical failure can bring about a lot of hassles in your office or other commercial space. The situation will even get worse if you don't find a professional electrical repair service right when you need it. We assure you the right solution to your electrical problems at your commercial properties no matter how small or large.

Residential Electrical Repair

Multi-Family Electrical Repair

If you are a property manager, you know the importance of fixing electrical issues on the units you manage. Whether is something as simple as a breaker tripping or something as complex as a house needing to be rewired, Cano Electric responds as quickly as possible when you need electrical repair on a property you manage in greater Dallas-Fort Worth & Houston areas.

Your Professional Electrical Technicians

Cano Electric provides you with the electrical services in the Dallas-Fort Worth and the surrounding areas. Our skilled and experienced technicians get you covered in all your electrical issues. Get in touch with us today and get the right service at the right time, just when you need it.

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Repair, replace or upgrade your electrical panels

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Install, repair or replace with energy efficient solutions

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Install and replace new or damaged electrical circuits

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Repair or replace faulty electrical meters

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Repair or install new or faulty electrical cables or wiring

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