Electrical Breaker Panel Upgrade

Electrical Breaker Panel Upgrade in Dallas - Fort Worth & Houston, TX

The breaker panel regulates the electricity that runs every appliance in your property. If your home demands more electricity than the circuit can handle, the circuit breaker is tripped to prevent overloading the wiring. Overloading can cause fires, and the circuit breaker helps keep your family and property safe.  

The electrical wiring in an older home may not be able to keep up with the increased amount of electricity that a modern lifestyle demands. If you notice flickering lights or you must turn off one appliance to use another one nearby, these are signs that the system is overloaded and you could use an electrical breaker panel upgrade. Customers in DallasArlingtonFort WorthPlano, and Denton count on Cano Electric for top-notch electrical services.

Most homes in the DFW Metroplex have 100 or 200-amp breaker boxes, with the numbers referring to the amount of electricity the panel can handle. Newer homes typically opt for the larger size. If you have a 100-amp box and need more circuits, you can either add a “sub-panel” or upgrade to the larger 200-amp breaker box.

Outlets & Circuits Installation by Cano Electric in DFW

Upgrading the capacity of your breaker panel will allow you to add more outlets & circuits that accommodate additional electrical devices in your home. You will need a licensed electrician from Cano Electric to fill the empty slots in your breaker box to accommodate the extra circuit breakers and boost your electrical load.

Because Cano Electric is a can-do company, we don’t shy away from the most challenging electrical installation, repair or maintenance jobs, whether it's for a residential or commercial customer. With the average lifespan of a breaker box in Texas at 60 years, there is a good chance that an upgrade to your current breaker panel -- rather than a full-blown breaker panel replacement  -- can meet your enhanced electrical needs for decades to come. By upgrading your panel with Cano Electric, you can also enjoy some of these additional amenities:

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  • Ceiling Fan Installation – Ceiling fans improve the air circulation within a room, reducing humidity and dampness. This makes it more comfortable and reduces the possibility of mold growth. Our electricians at Cano Electric will ensure that your ceiling fan is installed and is working properly.
  • Lighting Updates - Make your home or office more energy-efficient by using ambient lighting (also known as general lighting), accent lighting and task lighting in the parts of your home where they are most appropriate. Various fixtures and styles are available.
  • Landscape Lighting -  Improve the look of your property and increase your enjoyment of your lawn or garden with landscape lighting that highlights your property's best features. Ample outdoor lighting also lowers the risk of accidents while serving as a crime deterrent.

Count on Cano Electric to Upgrade Your Breaker Panel in DFW

Electrical issues, such as an outdated or malfunctioning electrical panel breaker, must be addressed as soon as possible. At the first sign of electrical trouble at your home or office in WylieIrvingGarland or McKinney, contact Cano Electric so we can make your property a safer space. Call us at 817-242-2826 or leave a message on our Contact Us page.

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