Commercial & Residential Electrical Services in Arlington, TX

Electrical issues can be a big problem for commercial and residential property owners, which is why it’s prudent for just about anyone to keep the contact details of a reliable electrical repair and maintenance service provider on hand. If your business or multi-family residential property is based in Arlington, TX, then you can depend on Cano Electric to take care of all your in-demand electrical repair needs.

Founded in 2009 with the motto “A Can-Do Company,” Cano Electric prides itself on providing its clients with top-notch repair and maintenance services that are carried out by professional electrical technicians. Our team is composed of 47 members, and we’ve served more than 20 counties in North Texas, including Argyle, McKinney, Corpus Christi, and Sunnyvale. Our company can handle big and small electrical repair projects, and you can book our services online. Give us a call today at 817-242-2826 if you need prompt electrical repair and maintenance services for your property in Arlington.

Expert Electrical Repair & Maintenance Services in Arlington, TX

Electrical issues may not happen all of the time in your home or workplace, but once it does take place, it can be the source of a significant headache. Malfunctioning electrical components and systems can disrupt business operations, cause fire and property damage, and even endanger the life and wellbeing of the people who live and work in the structure.

Cano Electric is your dependable partner when it comes to fixing and repairing electrical issues in your property in Arlington, TX. Our company is made up of experienced electrical technicians, and we can help you fully address the following issues in your commercial space or multi-family residence:

Breaker Panels – Breaker panels regulate the flow of electricity in the property. Years-old breaker panels that are used in older houses in Texas may not be able to keep up with the load that a typical modern household requires. Replacing these old panels can help property owners ensure that their electrical system is well-equipped to carry the load that their appliances need.  

Lighting – A commercial or residential space with bath lighting or existing lighting issues can be the site of common accidents like slipping or falling. Protect your family, staff members, and customers from harm by updating and fixing your lighting fixtures.

Circuits – Damaged electrical circuits can be a source of danger. In addition, a damaged outlet also means that there are fewer outlets for your family members or customers to use when they need to charge their gadgets or use electrical appliances. Call our team at Cano Electric so we can fix damaged outlets and other electrical system components in your home.

Meters – Repairing your property’s meter base is a smart move if it’s broken, if you’re planning on selling your home, or if you’ve updated your breaker panel. Your electricity provider can also advise you if you need meter repair services.

Cable and Wiring – Poor and exposed wiring as well as loose connections have no place in a safe home environment or a commercial space. If you’re having issues with your cable and wiring, you can rely on our team to provide you with prompt but long-lasting cable and wiring solutions.

Contact Cano Electric for In-Demand Repairs in Arlington, TX

Get in touch with our team at Cano Electric at the first sign of electric trouble in your commercial or multi-family property in Arlington. You can reach us by calling 817-242-2826 or using our Contact Us page, and we’ll send a team of electrical technicians to your location right away.

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