Breaker Panels Service and Repair

Breaker Panels Service and Repair in Dallas - Fort Worth & Houston, TX

In your Dallas-Fort Worth home, the breaker panel regulates the flow of electricity to the outlets & circuits in all parts of your property. Because most Texas homes are at least 40 years old, there is a good chance that many -- if not all -- of the breakers in your home are well-worn or do not carry enough amps to meet today's typical electrical load.

Simple logic suggests that breakers engineered to handle the typical electrical load for 1980 will be hard-pressed to meet today's demands for hand-held electrical gadgets, high-tech televisions and smart security devices without being upgraded or even replaced. Most homes in the DFW Metroplex have a 100-amp capacity for their breaker boxes, although today's newer homes typically are equipped 200-amp -- or even a 400-amp -- breaker boxes.

Customers with a 100-amp box, which is the majority of DFW residents, probably need to add circuits and outlets to meet the electrical demand of a modern lifestyle. This requires adding a subpanel to increase the current capacity of your existing breaker box or replacing your current breaker panel with a larger, more powerful unit. Fortunately for customers in Wylie, Irving, Dallas, Arlington, and Fort Worth, the certified electricians from Cano Electric can help with either option.

Outlets, Circuits & Breaker Installation by Cano Electric in Dallas

Upgrading, repairing or replacing your breaker panel requires the skills and expertise of a licensed electrician from Cano Electric. The primary parts of a breaker panel most prone to wear out include the circuit breakers, service disconnect switch and expansion slots. Our crews from Cano Electric will help you meet your electrical needs for decades to come. By boosting the capacity of your breaker panel, you can enjoy some of these amenities:

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  • Landscape Lighting -  Enhance the curb appeal of your home with landscape lighting that highlights your property's best features. Ample outdoor lighting also lowers the risk of accidents while serving as a crime deterrent.
  • Lighting Updates - Make your home more energy-efficient with better ambient lighting (i.e. general lighting) or by using accent lighting and task lighting in strategic areas. Cano offers several fixtures and styles.
  • Ceiling Fan Installation – Ceiling fans improve the air circulation within a room, reducing humidity and dampness. This boosts the quality of your indoor environment and lowers the potential for mold growth.

Let Cano Upgrade Your Breaker Panel & Repair Your GFCI in DFW

When the electricity is out at your home in Lancaster, Grand Prairie, Trophy ClubDuncanville, or elsewhere in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, you need help ASAP. The electrical experts from Cano Electric stand ready to respond at a moment's notice with electrical troubleshooting to identify your issue. Once the diagnosis is made, our licensed electricians can install a new breaker panel, make a GFCI repair or put a stop to your flickering lights or intermittent power surges. When you need our help, contact Cano Electric and let us make your home a safer space. Call us at 817-242-2826 or leave a message on our Contact Us page.

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