Commercial, Multi-Family & Residential Electrical Services in , TX

Commercial & Residential Electrical Services in Plano, TX

Commercial structures and multi-family residences in Plano, TX have different needs compared to single-family homes. This includes their electrical needs. If you require in-demand electrical repair and maintenance services for your commercial property or multi-family residence in the area, Cano Electric has you covered. Our company specializes in these types of properties, and we’ve served a lot of property owners in Plano and the surrounding areas of Denton, Frisco, and Grand Prairie in our 10 years in the business.

“A Can-Do Company,” Cano Electric is determined to provide you with excellent electrical repair services that can help you protect your property and the people who regularly use the space. By addressing the root of an electrical issue, we’re helping our clients ensure the comfort of their guests, customers, or tenants.

To access regular maintenance services or immediate electrical repair services for your commercial or residential property, call Cano Electric at 817-242-2826. You can also book our services using our online booking page. 

Expert Electrical Repair & Maintenance Services in Plano, TX

Unaddressed electrical issues can have devastating consequences. Faulty electric wiring, for example, can lead to fires, frequent power outages, property damage, and even injuries. You don’t want anyone to be exposed to these dangers in your commercial space or residential property, and you don’t want to wait for these incidents to happen before you take action.

We can help you create a safer, healthier, and more comfortable space by providing you with the following services:

Breaker Panels – Old structures often have breaker panels that can no longer accommodate the current electrical needs of modern homes and businesses. This can cause power outages and interruptions as well as increase the property’s risk for electrical fires. Allow us to look at your structure’s breaker panel so we can check if it can still do its job. If not, our team can replace the panel with a newer and better model.

Lighting – With enough lighting in your structure, you can minimize the occurrence of slipping and falling accidents. Our team can install lighting fixtures and replace old lights with more eco-friendly models. This will not only ensure that the space is well-lit, but it can also help reduce your electricity costs.

Circuits – If you’re having issues finding enough outlets for your clients or tenants, we can help. Our team can install outlets so that you can plug all your appliances and gadgets in the office or at home. Some of the newer outlet models also have added safety features, which is always a plus if you work with children or have kids at home.

Call Cano Electric for In-Demand Repairs in Plano, TX

If you suspect that your commercial space in Plano has electrical issues, don’t hesitate to call Cano Electric. We can send a technician to your address to immediately look at the problem. Get in touch by calling 817-242-2826 or leaving a message on our Contact Us page. If you need to schedule regular maintenance services, you can also use our booking page to set appointments.

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