Breaker Panel Replacement

Breaker Panel Replacement in Dallas - Fort Worth & Houston, TX

Almost 60% of Texas homes were built in the 1980s or earlier. Based on that percentage and the typical wear-and-tear of a home in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, that means lots of homeowners in Plano, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington are having power issues or will experience them soon. If your lights flicker and dim or you hear popping noises when you turn on the lights, it would be a good time to have your breaker panel checked, upgraded or replaced.

Fortunately, the proven professionals from Cano Electric stand ready with fresh breaker panels to replace the outdated breaker panels or fuse boxes currently in your home. For more than a decade, our company has set the industry standard for top-notch electrical products and repairs in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We serve residential and commercial customers, including owners and office managers of multifamily units.

Breakers, Outlets & Circuits Installation by Cano Electric in DFW

The average lifespan of a breaker box is 60 years, but this can vary greatly based on the quality of the breakers and how much of a load the outlets & circuits have been asked to carry through the years. For those who have recently purchased a used home, as well as homeowners who have been in their current location for more than a decade, it is wise to have your breaker box inspected by a licensed electrician from Cano Electric to determine whether a replacement panel is needed.

Some of the parts of a breaker panel most prone to wear out prematurely include:

  • Circuit Breakers: These rocking switches act as safety devices to quickly shut off power to a circuit when there’s too much electricity flowing through it. When that happens, the breaker rocks to the off position and most homeowners would say the breaker for that zone has tripped . The majority of circuit breakers in your breaker box are single-pole breakers, meaning they can handle 120 volts of power and are either 15 or 20 amps.
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  • Service Disconnect Switch: This is the place where the electricity that powers your home comes into the electrical panel. The service disconnect sometimes called the main breaker looks like a larger version of a circuit breaker and is usually found at the very top or bottom of the breaker box. It can handle 100 to 200 amps. In case of emergency, this is where you can turn off power to your entire home by rocking the switch to the off position.
  • Expansion Slots: These are empty slots within the breaker box that exist to accommodate extra circuit breakers when a licensed electrician adds additional circuits to your home. These are used to accommodate a room addition or other home improvements that increase your electrical load.

Most homes have 100 or 200-amp breaker boxes, with the numbers referring to the amount of electricity the panel can handle. Most newer homes opt for the larger size. If you have a 100-amp box and need more circuits, you can either add a sub-panel or upgrade to the larger 200-amp breaker box.

Rely on Cano Electric for Troubleshooting & GFCI Repair in DFW

If you find yourself doing a lot of electrical troubleshooting to compensate for flickering lights or intermittent power surges by a major appliance, you are a prime candidate for a breaker box replacement at your home or office in the DFW Metroplex. In addition to our wide array of electrical repairs, the proven professionals from Cano Electric have got you covered whether you need a new breaker panel, a GFCI repair or something else. When you need our services in Lancaster, Grand Prairie, Trophy Club or Duncanville, give us a call at 817-242-2826 or send us a message through our Contact Us page online. We’d be happy to provide you with an estimate.

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