Commercial, Multi-Family & Residential Electrical Services in , TX

Commercial & Residential Electrical Services in Frisco, TX

If your business or multi-family residential property is based in Frisco, TX, Cano Electric can take care of all your in-demand electrical repair needs. Commercial and residential property owners often have a problem addressing electrical issues. As such, they need to make sure that they have a reliable electrical repair and maintenance provider on their contact list. This way, they can count on immediate help should something happen to their electrical system

Branding itself as “A Can-Do Company,” Cano Electric was founded in 2009. Our team of technicians specializes in providing residential and commercial clients in North Texas with top-notch repair and maintenance services. The company is made up of 47 staffers and technicians, and we’ve served more than 20 counties in Texas. These locations include Frisco and the nearby areas of Grand Prairie, Denton, and Plano.

Book our services online whenever you have minor or major electrical issues in your commercial space or multi-family property in these areas. Alternatively, you can reach us by calling 817-242-2826. We’ll send a team to your location should you need prompt electrical repair and maintenance services.

Expert Electrical Repair & Maintenance Services in Frisco, TX

Cano Electric understands that commercial spaces and multi-family properties have different needs compared to stand-alone or single residential spaces. These properties have more people, which affects how their electrical system is wired and how they use energy.

If your property is located in Frisco and you need help with any aspect of your electric system or its components, we can provide you with the following services:

Breaker Panels – The flow of electricity in any property is regulated by the breaker system. Much like any technology, breaker systems are also changing to accommodate the needs of users. An aging breaker panel may not be able to keep up with the electric needs of a modern family or business. These panels need to be replaced to ensure that they can do their job properly without endangering the life and property of the people who use the space.

Lighting – Slipping and falling accidents typically occur in poorly lit areas. If you need to replace the components of your lighting system or if you want to install new lights and make your home or commercial space safer for your family members, staff, or guests, call our team.

Circuits – Damaged circuits pose a danger to young and senior family members alike. If you need to secure your outlets and circuits, call us so we can help. We can also assist you in adding new circuits to your home or commercial space. This way, you have enough outlets to power your appliances and for the people who frequently use your space.

Contact Cano Electric for In-Demand Repairs in Frisco, TX

Call Cano Electric at the first sign of electric trouble in your commercial or multi-family property in Frisco. Reach us at 817-242-2826 or use our Contact Us page so we can send a team of technicians to your address right away.

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